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Cabinets are an eyecatcher in every room. They will instantly pop up and are very important in every interior. If you are looking for an eyecatcher, a teak cabinet is perfect! Teak cabinets are outstanding because of their lived appearance. Therefore, every cabinet is unique.

A unique cabinet in your interior.

Not a single cabinet is the same. The structure and colour of teak is different for every cabinet. Teakwood is originative from Indonesia. The teak we, at Indoteak, use is recycled. It was former used for houses and other buildings. They are demolished and the wood is used to make new cabinets. Therefore, they are uniqe and will fit in every interior. Teak cabinets are easy to combine with other styles and furniture. Apart from this, a teak cabinet is very sustainable. It is very strong and therefore will last for a lot of years.

Different kinds of teak cabinets

At Indoteak a lot of different teak cabinets are on stock. We have modern cabinets, but also country furniture. We have big cabinets as well as small cabinets. You will find every kind of cabinet in your assortment. The different kind of cabinents we have, are:

  • Display cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Buffet cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Chest of drawers
  • Wine cabinets

A teak cabinet from Indoteak

Are you looking for a beautifull unique cabinet? We have them all. We welcome you to visite our showroom to see all of our cabinets. You can choose the cabinet you like the most. We strive for a good price-qualiy ratio. A very good reason to contact us!!